LEGO Universe Beta sign-ups open now [News]

After my multi-post rant about new technology last week, you shouldn’t be surprised that I’m still skeptical about LEGO Universe.

LEGO Universe logoOchre Jelly disagrees, and I think he generally knows what he’s talking about, so I suppose I’ll pass on the news that Beta sign-ups are now open.

Have fun!

14 comments on “LEGO Universe Beta sign-ups open now [News]

  1. Josh

    @Dan I had one of those too. I tried to use mine, but since I haven’t upgraded to Vista, LU wouldn’t run on my computer.

  2. Ochre Jelly

    The Alpha was very stable, although they tended to schedule very limited play testing windows, clearly to force everyone on at the same time to allow ‘load testing’ of the system (that’s my theory!). It also required Admin privleges just to run the game, which in this day and age seems kinda stupid.

    The only downside of the Beta program, is that everyone’s game profiles from the Alpha are going to be erased, so we’ll have to start over, boo hoo!

    @josh: I’m surprised to hear it required Vista (although I did not try to install it on XP). Dude, are you still using Windows 3.1?! :D

    @tedward: parallels!

  3. Josh

    @Ochre Jelly – Haven’t even upgraded to 3.1 yet! :D

    No, I’m running XP. Their documentation said there might be issues with XP and I can’t get it to run.

  4. aussielegocollector

    What no MAC version!
    That ripping sound you hear is me being torn between my loyalty to LEGO and my loyalty to MAC.

  5. aussielegocollector

    Agreed Andrew – i’m not much of a gamer either. So much as I’d like to experience living in a LEGO world – i’ll wait until the MAC version comes out.

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