V2 Gundam with transformation video!

Torri Ares‘s Victory 2 Gundam not only transforms from Core Fighter mode to mobile suite mode but it does so with music synchronization. The included video is a must-see, featuring a time-lapse build, transformation process and more with stellar presentation.

6 comments on “V2 Gundam with transformation video!

  1. Dean H

    That’s incredible. If you’d blogged the Gundam model without telling me it transformed, I wouldn’t have thought anything was up. It’s an impressive MOC even without the ridiculous amount of functionality.

  2. Begend

    If TLG released a set like that, I would trip over myself to buy it. I would put money down saying that it would be a huge seller.

  3. Starwars4J

    That is what LEGO should be about. Ridiculously good functionality out of a limited selection of shapes and designs. This puts all previous transforming models to shame with the sheer complexity and genius behind it.

    (Yes Torri, I want that made out to CASH)

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