I don’t like golf

But I have to admit that this beautifully landscaped course by Bryan (Eggy Pop) makes me kind of want to hit and chase a little ball around.

LEGO Eggy Pop golf course

4 comments on “I don’t like golf

  1. NTXCoog

    I love this! I think the next level would be miniature golf. It could be much closer to real scale than a normal golf course. Plus you could add all of the funny features like a windmill or a clown’s head that you have to putt the ball through.

  2. Jai

    But then you can’t have a golf cart! Good idea, though.

    Anyway, that landscaping is just great! Excellent piece; very serene and relaxing to look at.

  3. NTXCoog

    Good point about the golf cart.

    There is a ton of creativity in this. I like the contrast between the smooth greens and fairway versus the studded rough.

    There’s even a ball washer and a rake in the sand trap. That is some attention to detail.

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