Onyasis Landing Platform

Sometimes I wonder if I blog Pete Reid‘s creations too often. The problem is, he just posts such fantastic builds.

This landing “platform” is really several platforms and a tower, and they’re all just packed with detail. The texture really adds a lot to the impact of the model, as there’s seemingly always something else to look at. I think my favorite detail is the little door leading out to each platform.

Onyasis Landing Platform

4 comments on “Onyasis Landing Platform

  1. Catsy

    You just keep on blogging Pete’s stuff. Is it his fault he has harnessed an incarnation of awesomeness to do his bidding?

  2. jimmythefly

    It’s always amazing how scale changes how an element looks. NOrmally so may open studs might not be tolerated, but here they work so well as portals or vents or whatever.

  3. Catsy

    Even at minifig scale Reid’s particular style manages to somehow make every stud and shape in the elements he uses look intentional.

  4. Josh

    Its cool, but have you noticed that from a distance it looks like a friendly robot offering you two bright and colorful beetles to chew on? No? Probably just me….

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