Catsy’s EM-14 “Badger” Energy PDW goes “pew pew!”

Photos rarely do LEGO guns justice. They’re best seen from a distance or in person. Brandon Bannerman (Catsy) brought this very cool energy gun to the most recent SEALUG meeting.

LEGO energy gun

Brandon’s gun has a clip that pops out, stock that slides in, working trigger, and a very nice series of greebly bits for the sight. I couldn’t help making “pew pew” noises throughout the meeting, whenever someone picked it up.

3 comments on “Catsy’s EM-14 “Badger” Energy PDW goes “pew pew!”

  1. Catsy

    ^ My son always wants to play with my first gun, and I won’t let him because it’s too heavy and a bit fragile. I did my best to make this one durable and with play value so that he could go “pew pew” too. :)

    Thanks for the spotlight! I was really proud of this build.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I’m normally not a fan of Lego Gun builds but this one isn’t normal. There’s a lot of nice detail and realism to the model. I’m an especially big fan of the digital display on the side of the weapon. Great use of transparent pieces.

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