New LEGO Atlantis and 2010 Space Police sets now available [News]

A few of the 2010 LEGO sets are starting to show up online, both from The LEGO Shop and Toys R Us.icon

5981 Raid VPRicon and 5982 Smash ‘n Grabicon were both designed by Mark Stafford, and include new alien minifigs.

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I love the new shark-headed dude in 8060 Typhoon Turbo Sub.icon


8058 Guardian of the Deepicon and 8056 Monster Crab Clashicon are also out now.

8 comments on “New LEGO Atlantis and 2010 Space Police sets now available [News]

  1. alldarker

    Actually, the whole line of early 2010 Atlantis sets (8056, 8057, 8058, 859, 860, 8061 & 8075) has been available in Dutch brick and mortar stores (specifically the V&D department store) since mid-November. Haven’t seen the new Space Police sets there yet, though.

  2. buriedbybricks

    These sets are on the shelves in Canada as well. I picked up the SPIII sets already, but I’ll wait until after Xmas for the Atlantis sets. Atlantis was scattered and hidden all over the place at my TRU so it probably doesn’t have a spot in the line up yet.

  3. Creative Anarchy

    I just picked up the Smash & Grab for space police, I’m definately going to be building something spacey and purple soon. So many neat bricks alone in that set. I’m also in love with the new Space Police helmets. They could be my favorite design for a minifig accessory ever.

  4. LegoRyley

    Whoa. Lego has jumped a whole year ahead since it’s last magizine. All the 2010 sets were out in zellers yestarday, including power miners, toy story, and atlantis. I bought a $12 atlantis, worth every cent.

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