Goshawk Speeder

Jarek has decided to build his own take on the vehicles in the Space Police set Hyperspeed Pursuit.

Here’s the police cruiser, which I think is an excellent revision. I especially like the distribution of black and white, perfect for a futuristic take on a cruiser.

Goshawk Speeder

Don’t forget to check out his take on the Skull Twins’ car as well.

3 comments on “Goshawk Speeder

  1. Daedalus

    Love the sleek design, has a nice Spinner (Blade Runner) feel to it. I fully agree with the positive color effect as well. The weapons are what really won me over, though. I’m always a sucker for functionality, especially when it’s seamlessly integrated.

    The revamped Skull vehicle is great as well. Both models are pretty sweet.

  2. Attli35

    This is tits. somebody needs to have a contest to trick this mofo out. Kinda’ like the Vic Vipers flosting around. Have to agree it does look like a Spinner. : )

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