Red Zephyr

Is the Crimson Skies fad coming back? If the Red Zephyr by Jonhall18 is the start of the comeback, sign me up.

This plane has a great feel of bulk in all the right places. I like the airfoil shape of the wings, and the bubble up at the front of the fuselage adds a great touch of the fantastic.

Jonhall's Red Zephyr

8 comments on “Red Zephyr

  1. Creative Anarchy

    Those white stripes are striking. It’s a fabuless model but that one detail really makes the piece pop. I’m also stunned by that cool landing gear, where did that come from? Bionicle?

  2. worker201

    Just because it’s red doesn’t mean it is Crimson Skies. Some sky-fi occurs independent of (and even ignorant of) video games.

    Love this, by the way.

  3. Dan Post author

    Haha, red means Crimson Skies. Since I posted this MOC, the builder has confirmed that Crimson Skies was an inspiration. Looks like I win this round.

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