Do not attempt this in real life

Sean Kenney presents a public service announcement for bikers. Its message is simple yet striking. Check out Red Light.

9 comments on “Do not attempt this in real life

  1. Ochre Jelly

    Nice one, Sean!

    That’s me driving the jeep. On my commute through Fremont.

    The irony of course is that the kind of cyclist that insists on behaving this way typically has the air-filled head of a minifig, and would therefore never think to visit a site as intellectually stimulating as BB!

  2. jaster

    It’s funny you mention that, Ochre Jelly. I tend to run one or two red lights on my bike on my commute to school, yet I still visit this site. I also tend to see far more drivers running red lights than cyclists. And I thought cyclists were smug!

  3. seankenney

    Thanks guys! Yes, I “produced” this short film, but it was directed by MA Shumin, animated and edited by David Pagano, and the music and sound was composed by Brian Kenney.

    As some of you know, I commute across midtown Manhattan to my LEGO studio by bicycle every day, so when I was offered the opportunity to create this PSA, I was more than happy to help make it a reality. We’ve submitted it to a nonprofit organization here in New York, and if they like it, it might be used “for real”. (Here’s hoping!) :)

  4. Psiaki

    hey, I commute on bike too. While I do pay attention to traffic I rarely watch the lights. I guess my air-filled minifig head is part of the reason I like Lego so much.

  5. Rens

    I love it when the guy puts himself back together, and the annoying (but funny) music continues. That moment made me laugh out loud.
    In the Netherlands, everyone commutes on bike!

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