Obscurance’s M808B Grizzly tank

I finally bought an Xbox 360, and not having an original Xbox either, I’m catching up on about eight years of games. And you know what? Halo doesn’t suck (though I could do without the chorus of 11-year-old fanboys).

Stephen Chao (obscurance) demonstrates that LEGO Halo creations can be pretty cool too, with this great M808B “Grizzly” Main Battle Tank Advanced.

LEGO Halo M808B Grizzly tank

4 comments on “Obscurance’s M808B Grizzly tank

  1. Melfice

    Nah, Halo doesn’t suck.
    In the end, it’s just another shooter, though.

    That tank looks very impressive, though.
    Man, I wish I had enough bricks to build stuff like that.

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