When it comes to alts, less is more.

I’m sure every builder has came across the thought that “I can build anything if I just have a lot of LEGO bricks.” I remember thinking like that and being jealous of all the builders with seemingly unlimited bricks. This summer, I was temporarily parted with my collection, but I still wanted to do some building, so I made some alts. Alternative models are those built with the limited parts from one or a few LEGO sets, and their message is simple: less is more.

6 comments on “When it comes to alts, less is more.

  1. worker201

    The message is simple: these are pretty cool considering they were made with limited parts – imagine how cool they would be if they weren’t limited.

  2. Xiphos Systems

    I’ve always loved working with limited parts…I think it requires a completely different type of creativity.

  3. parchioso

    This is a very important message to builders who live in geographies where Lego parts are either expensive (according to their standard of living) or difficult to buy

  4. ninjasquid

    I too enjoy working with not many parts, especially if i don’t have a product in mind to try to construct, because then i can see all the pieces and certain ones stand out as “ooh that would be shiny to combine that” and it just kinda comes together. A large collection of parts just gives me builders-block sometimes.

  5. Dr. X

    The same thing happened to be when I was on vacation last year; I only brought one small bag of completely random bricks so it was a struggle to find even the simplest pieces, yet for some reason it was really fun.

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