10199 Winter Toy Shop, more pics available

More pictures of the upcoming 10199 Winter Toy Shop are now available, once again from Eurobricks. Click on the images below to see more pictures.

I like the new expressions on the carol singers, and I look forward to what creative uses people will have for them.

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  1. Luke Chapman

    Oooh! That double cape effect is cool, haven’t seen it been done before, but someone must’ve out there…?

  2. tedward

    Certainly this is a new golden age of LEGO. Every time a new set is released lately (at least in the town/city line) I am amazed. I haven’t put together a Christmas Village for a couple of years but this set – especially those carolers – just might inspire me.

  3. Daedalus

    Does anyone else feel that $90 is a little pricey? It’s certainly a beautiful set, but I have the feeling that once it’s put together it would feel rather small. While the part count is okay for the price, it looks like a lot of those are in the tree. There’s a lot to like, but after seeing how small the shop is, I’m finding myself less interested that I thought I’d be.

  4. Dave

    Realistically, $90 seems about right for a set of this piece count. I think everyone needs to remember that LEGO has been priced at roughly $0.10/piece for the past 25 years. Eventually, the price per piece will rise slightly due to inflation. For a long time, LEGO was able to absorb this by cutting costs. But at some point, inflation will catch up and prices will rise. It’s just the nature of the economy.

    In regards to the set itself, I think it looks pretty good and would look great under a tree with the holiday train running around it. And those minifig expressions are awesome. I already have a pretty good idea what a certain Dr. Jones will have in store for these figs. *snicker*

  5. Daedalus

    *Fyi, the $90 is is approximately the converted cost in yen from what’s listed on Amazon.

    @Dave – You’re right about the price ~ part count ratio, but I’m still concerned that the shop seems small, especially compared to other town buildings. As far as I can guess, it looks to be 16×8 studs, half the dimensions of a floor in Market Street, and around 17 bricks high at the peak; again compared to Market Street, a little higher than the 1/2 basement and 1st floor. Hopefully, the interior is detailed like the Green Grocer.
    It seems nicely rounded out by the figs, trees, and lamp post, and the power function might add a lot of wow factor. I’m just a little worried that it might be a little underwhelming at that price. I’d happily be completely wrong. ;)

  6. Josh

    @Ryan H. – I don’t know what those are. At first, I thought they were technic arches. Like these —> Click here! I almost said they were, but I see now that they aren’t. Hmmmm.

    @ikarus – No, this is for whoever wants to buy it. I’m not a girl and I will be getting this set. I think its awesome.

  7. ikarus

    @Josh: not trying to troll here, sincerely asking. I admit, the minifigs are nice, there are some interesting parts there and it might come in handy at christmas, but I still wouldn’t buy it. So why, besides an inexplicable urge, would you buy this?

  8. plums

    @ikarus: Parts! Just because a set is situated into one theme doesn’t mean you can’t buy the set to cannabalize for whatever else you need. Plus, it’s just a really nicely done set.

    I will totally be picking this one up.

  9. Puddleglum

    ^There’s also a “batteries included” icon there, so I think there is a light brick. Maybe in the base of the tree?

    As for the price, I’m pretty sure the Yen->Dollar conversion is not the best estimate. I’m guessing it will be closer to $60-70 based on the precedent set by Green Grocer, Grand Carousel, and other exclusiveish sets.

    Kudos to LEGO on the brick-built tree!

  10. legomason

    I think that’s a golden snowflake.

    Clever idea for song books.

    Nice jack-in-the-box… microscale car… But is that supposed to be a teddy bear under the tree?

  11. Josh

    @ikarus – I think its a very well-designed set. If Lego continues with a Christmas village theme, I would get each one. This set will be a very nice addition to our Christmas decorations.

    That said, you don’t have to like it. Not trying to convince you otherwise. I can’t remember the last time I cared if someone agreed with me.

    What I really didn’t understand was your comment that this was for girls. You obviously don’t like the set, but how does that make it for girls?

  12. David4

    What I don’t get is the windmill set has 444 pieces and is $60! Yet the Castle Market Place has 4 times that many piece for $100. This set should be $70, but with LEGO god only knows.

    Also I haven’t bought a single 2009 set yet, LEGO needs to figure out their prices otherwise sales will be the only time I buy things.

  13. Jai

    Why does the male caroler have an airplane pin on his jacket? I probably shouldn’t list that as a complaint, though, because I’m digging the classic Space logo on the tree decorator’s jacket (Although I feel like I’ve seen the exact same torso before, somewhere).

    (And why’s the female caroler’s torso just a blank black affair? Tut)

    Pretty nice-looking set, though. I really like how it’s built (And the new O-faces, and the wealth of short legs, and on and on).

    Remi, your unexpected reference caught me totally off guard. Shame on you, for making me laugh out loud!

  14. David4

    Jai, The Space logo is in several sets. The first I can remember is a train station (4513) from World City in 2003. It’s also in this year’s City Mini-figure Collection.

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