Modulex Cafe Corner and Market Street

In 1963, The LEGO Group spun off a company called Modulex to create planning tools for architects, including a completely separate system of bricks. Though Modulex still operates today (still based in Billund, making modular corporate signage), they no longer manufacture little plastic bricks.

Nevertheless, Modulex bricks continue to be sought-after collectors’ items among LEGO fans. Some fans even have enough in their collection to reproduce contemporary LEGO sets, as Marion has done with her collection.

Modulex Modular Buildings 01

The limited palette of bricks in the Modulex system doesn’t stop Brixe from an excellent recreation of 10182 CafĂ© Corner and 10190 Market Street.

Even though Brixe’s Modulex version is nearly a stud-for-stud clone of the LEGO set, this comparison shot shows the difference in scale between the two systems (LEGO on the left, Modulex on the right):

Modulex Cafe Corner 01

6 comments on “Modulex Cafe Corner and Market Street

  1. Ochre Jelly

    This really is quite an accomplishment. It would be nice if there were larger images, or a shot of the regular set next to it for scale.

    Of course, this is just increasing the PANG OF LONGING to get my grubby little hands on some Modulex: I’d happily sell my grandmother right now for a small bag of the stuff!

    Is this how it feels to be a crak addict? o_O

  2. Jai

    Holy cow. LEGO made miniature, uh, LEGO? I had no idea! I am very impressed with this tiny build, and fascinated that I’ve never before heard of Modulex. Did it have any kind of minifig-equivalent? Architects seem like they might have wanted to use some kind of human stand-in for scale in their Modulex models. Maybe.

  3. eti

    No, there are no modulex minifigs at all.. there weren’t even Lego figs at the time, of course.

    Not that I have any Modulex, I’ve never even seen it but I would like to get some, some day.

    The builder of these miniature houses had to saw the plates by the way, because they only come in one size (actually sawing and gluing was encouraged by Modulex…) – so she explained on, where I recently saw these creations.

  4. Melfice

    I think I used to own a fair amount of Modulex.
    Somehow it all got lost, aside from one or two mini-bricks in my box of bricks.

    I dunno what happened to it.

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