Brick-buildin’ the Chinese opera!

Vincent Cheung‘s Chinese opera display is an incredible work of art that captures the essences of one of the oldest drama art forms in the world. The creation depicts the iconic colorful costume with its intricate designs and even the painted/masked face. The whole build is nothing short of gorgeous.

17 comments on “Brick-buildin’ the Chinese opera!

  1. Lino M

    This is what the hobby is all about! When you’re jaded and think you’ve seen the best that there is along comes something like this to prove you wrong. this is a heart stopper for sure! Words can’t describe how wonderful this is.

  2. Andrew

    Lino said it well — this is not something I’d ever have expected. The little scene in the base makes it even cooler.

  3. Xiphos Systems

    Absolutely incredible! Those Chinese characters look great…are they accurate? What do they mean?

  4. Melfice

    “Absolutely incredible! Those Chinese characters look great…are they accurate? What do they mean?”

    If you’re referring to the actors with “characters”, then it looks like this is a scene out of The Romance of Three Kingdoms, though I can’t see who the bottom, smaller characters would depict.

    The big figure on top is then most likely Guan Yu, IF this is actually depicting said story.

    If you mean characters as in the symbols with which they write… I don’t know. I’m not Chinese.

  5. parchioso

    I am afraid the character is not Yue (粵), Yue (粵) is the shorthand name for Guangdong, a southern province in China, the character is actually General Kwan (關羽), a famous personality from the Three Kingdom era (around A.D. 200), who is also a symbol of Loyalty and brotherhood in Chinese history, please note his famous weapon, which has a special crescent moon shape.

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