Microscale U.S.S. Sulaco by 2×4

That alien queen needs to be bombarded from orbit. This microscale U.S.S. Sulaco by 2×4 seems up to the job.

LEGO U.S.S. Sulaco from Aliens

Via MicroBricks.

7 comments on “Microscale U.S.S. Sulaco by 2×4

  1. worker201

    Absolutely beautiful. But what frickin color is that? It sorta looks like sand green, but I’m pretty sure some of those parts aren’t available in sand green. I think it’s actually dark bley and white, with the color totally washed during post-processing.

  2. stephendsdude

    Very nice ship. Also looks like a hand plasma gun, but also looks like a ship. How is that thing supposed to land with the handle-thing sticking out of the bottom?

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