LEGO Technic pin remover

If you’re a builder, you most likely have run into situations when you got one of these Technic pins stuck. Luckily, barman has a solution that may save you a broken fingernail or two. In this simple little device, the exposed end of the pin is inserted into a Technic brick and held in place by the increased friction from an bar that’s then inserted into the pin. You can build the device yourself from the instructions and see if it’s worth the effort!

7 comments on “LEGO Technic pin remover

  1. Neaku

    Yeah I have more problems with the pin on the bar, and this whole thing seems almost unnecessary to me.

    But that may be because I’m used to it because of building with Bionicle.

  2. brickeddad

    I guess that’s why the rear part slides-to pull the pin off the bar after separating. It looks useful for situations where you can’t push a longer pin through the other end, which is what I normally do.

  3. worker201

    Crafty little device. Works as advertised. For me, though, it will be just like a brick separator – 90% of the time, I’ll forget and use my teeth.

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