Catherine’s table saw is ready to sever LEGO fingers

One of the coolest LEGO creations I saw at the most recent SEALUG meeting was this great table saw by Catherine (Lego Queen).

LEGO table saw

The wheels change the angle and elevation of the blade, while the rip fence slides back and forth. I suspect there’s enough room underneath for a Power Functions motor. Hmmm…

Check out more of Catherine’s Town & Technic LEGO creations on Flickr.

3 comments on “Catherine’s table saw is ready to sever LEGO fingers

  1. Robin Hood

    Sweet, this is actually very close to the table saw I have spent all too many hours on at work. There are many features here that are built perfectly. The rip fence, the blade, very familiar. Quite nice.

  2. stephendsdude

    This lookslike my dad’s table saw. The legs could do with a little work, as many table saws have support beams connecting the legs.

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