“The Great Order of the Universe” – LEGO featured in current issue of POETRY

I’m a little bit behind on my poetry journals, so I was very pleased to receive a link from Vito to an item featured in the current issue of Poetry Magazine.

The Great Order of the Universe by Christian Bok

The text on the left is a translation of a section from “The Great Order of the Universe” by Greek philosopher Democritus and the text on the right is from the 1959 LEGO brick patent by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen. The two texts are anagrams.

Now, my inner poet was rather disappointed that Christian Bök beat me to a LEGO-themed item in a major poetry journal. Sadly, my pair of poems published in Prairie Schooner last year were free of little plastic bricks. I take some consolation in the fact that Bök’s piece is in the “Flarf & Conceptual Writing” section. Perhaps I can write that Great LEGO Poem yet. (FYI, poets are even more competitive than LEGO builders.)

I’m glad I’m not the only LEGO fan who also reads Poetry, Vito.

2 comments on ““The Great Order of the Universe” – LEGO featured in current issue of POETRY

  1. Dave

    Now this is quite interesting. I love anagrams and other sorts of word-play. Great find Vito and thanks to TBB for posting this. I’m always amazed to see the multitude of ways that LEGO inspires people.

  2. vito

    It’s the last thing I’d expect to find in such a publication. I just had to print this and tack it on my wall. I was hesitant to suggest this at first because I don’t remember seeing anything like this posted in Brothers Brick. Glad to know you’re into poetry. It’s quite a pleasant surprise.

    I’m not that much into writing nowadays, but I think I want to start writing my own Great LEGO Poem also.

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