After the Empire falls...

Speaking of color, we’ve come to expect a certain chromatic consistency from Rong Yiren. Though his animal-shaped mecha are certainly gorgeous, it’s always nice to see a builder branch out.

LEGO Star Wars stormtroopers go to work

In this scene depicting stormtroopers off to work after the end of the Evil Empire, I particularly like R2-D2 wearing a tie.

See more of Rong’s latest creations in his photostream on Flickr.

3 comments on “After the Empire falls...

  1. Eggy Pop

    Branching out? I thought this was more like going back to roots as the original Rong Photography was inspired by storm troopers

  2. Rens

    What is R2’s job? Although it looks very good for this creation, isn’t the house a bit old fashioned compared to the other Star Wars houses :D?

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