Every little thing he does is magic

Could be just a big blog-crush, but everything posted by Rod Gillies (2 Much Caffeine) seems to be worth showcasing to the world. Simple and really creative.

Caffeine Desk

This latest vignette is apparently the result of “messing about” when Rod didn’t have much time to build. Rubbing in his skills.

4 comments on “Every little thing he does is magic

  1. TooMuchCaffeine

    Hi there. Just spotted your feature and link. Thank you, it is much appreciated.

    As I said on Flickr, I am a little bemused that everyone seems to really like this. I have given up trying to predict out which MOCs will get attention and which won’t!

    And as for blog-crushes… I *heart* TBB.

  2. Thanel Post author

    @ TooMuchCaffeine: I can see how that would be puzzling for you as a creator, but for me it’s just that I’ve been on a kick of really loving simple and creative things with little innovative twists. In some of these small builds and close-up pics it’s easier to see the techniques used, while those same things can get lost in larger, more sophisticated models. That’s my best guess.

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