Cole caught throwing up a piece

I’m fascinated by tagging, though I’ve never done it myself. And as a person who is well-aware of the impact it has on business people, property owners and taxpayers, I have really mixed feelings about featuring any tagging here. But this vignette by Cole Blaq isn’t at the expense of anybody else (I hope), is quite visually simple, clever and full of action.

Cole Caught

I’m really enjoying seeing tagging in the background of train and town scenes, because I don’t think I ever walk, drive or ride anywhere without seeing some tagging in the background. It adds atmosphere to an otherwise clean and blocky LEGO world.

8 comments on “Cole caught throwing up a piece

  1. jaster

    It would be more impressive were it actually held together by means other than just friction.

  2. colinmccreary

    Ya son! It’s toy, but it’s also lego so it’s fine. fight the power! jk

  3. Thanel Post author

    @ therandom: Who’s upset?

    @ jaster: My rule of thumb is that if I think a build’s technique is sub-par, I think of ways to build something better myself or leave constructive comments. That being said, anybody who knows anything about my own building skills would know that I’m in no position to build better and have no special wisdom to impart. So I just blog what I wish I could build.

  4. Cole Blaq

    Hey Thanel, thanks a lot for spreading the word!

    This vig is meant to showcase the reality of real life graf, so everybody beware that it is a criminal action and therefore of course is not encouraged by any means!

    Cole Blaq

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