Neo-Blacktron gears up for invasion

The Ugokin aliens may have been forced back to the fringes of known space by the Neo-Classic Space fleet, but there are other powers rising in the void.

Andrew Lee (onosendai2600/Wintermute) and Fradel Gonzalez (Slice151) have kicked off what is sure to be the next building craze — Neo-Blacktron.

Here’s Andrew’s Heavy Fighter:

Neo-Blacktron Heavy Fighter

And Fradel’s Eliminator:

Neo-Blacktron Eliminator

Check out all of Andrew’s Neo-Blacktron creations, Fradel’s NBT, and the new Neo-Blacktron group pool.

3 comments on “Neo-Blacktron gears up for invasion

  1. anoved

    Aw heck yes. I love Blacktron. The original Blacktron minifig is my favorite minifig of all time – the functional flightsuit torso, the sinister black visor. So, I greet the prospect of a Neo-Blacktron invasion with open arms.

  2. Thanel

    I’d join up, if somebody wasn’t holding my Blacktron bricks hostage in Seattle.

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