Setting off on a caravan weekend in a Volkswagen Van

This eight-wide VW Van by Ed (Ed Bricks) had me smiling from the moment I saw it.


Complete with a caravan in tow, this little beauty makes me want to throw everything in the Van and head north to Lancashire on the M6 for a long weekend.

LEGO VW Van with caravan

Sadly, I don’t live in England, so I’m stuck with I-5 as my roadway and Canada to the north, not that there’s anything wrong with Canada…

Check out Ed’s photostream on Flickr for tons more pictures of his LEGO VW Van, including shots of the fully detailed underside.

2 comments on “Setting off on a caravan weekend in a Volkswagen Van

  1. minifig

    I think you’re far more likely to have a good time driving to Canada than you are Lancashire.

    Great VW van though. Those things almost make me want to learn to drive…

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ Mwa ha ha ha! As you know, I barely made it outside of London last year, so I picked a random location on a map for my northward journey. :-P

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