LEGO publishes The Brick magazine

I recently received a new publication from LEGO called The Brick, which is a magazine for adult readers that shares stories, news, and reports from the company.

I’ve learned much from this 90-page magazine that I would’ve never known even from years of building with LEGO bricks. Do you know what the net profit of the company was in the past three years? Does it surprise you that Bionicle is the most popular selling product line in Russia while roughly half of all castle sales went to the Japanese consumer? Learn more including info on the upcoming LEGO board games, working in the LEGO factory, and even coverage of the FIRST LEGO League. I’m happy to inform that the magazine is available to the public both in hard copy and electronic download. Enjoy!

If you’re requesting a copy of the magazine, we’d appreciate a mention that you’re are a reader of our blog. Thanks!

8 comments on “LEGO publishes The Brick magazine

  1. Andrew

    ^ Ha! A fair point. :)

    But LEGO is a big company, and a community like ours (yes, you are a community) needs broader support than just the LEGO Community team, LEGO Direct, and other departments that we have established relationships with.

    Letting LEGO know you heard about this from us gets all of you, as readers of TBB, more credibility in the long run.

  2. Stormwing

    Hey, just wanted to let you guys know that the magazine just made it to my place today, so if you haven’t received yours, it’s definitely on its way and should arrive soon. (US east coast here)

  3. Nolnet

    Yay. recieved my copy from Billund this morning in the mail. Of cause I mentioned LEGO Ambassador Zhang and TBB in my request :-)

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