The future is aqua

Futuristic LEGO city by T brick

Drawing inspiration from the graphic novel Cyann, t-brick has built a beautiful futuristic city diorama. It also reminds me of Silverberg cover art. The use of colour and repeated motifs is spot on and gives the diorama a wonderful consistent overall feel.

It also gets bonus points for letting me use lots of different theme tags.

3 comments on “The future is aqua

  1. cjedwards47

    This thing is so stylish. I love every inch of it. I’ve always wanted to make something like this myself, and if I ever do, I don’t know how I’ll avoid copying things from this one.

  2. BreadMan

    I absoultely love this, fascinating and seems very original. Not familiar with the this Cyann but it looks very cool, anyone know if there is an English translation?

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