LEGO Alien Back-story Comic

Tan Alien Wormhole DriveEver since I started posting my various tan alien creations, people have been asking more background on the aliens and the creations.

I’ve finally gotten around to making one up, and telling it. I tried something new, and have created a comic describing illustrating the initial encounters between the aliens and the Galactic Inquisition.

It’s my first foray into LEGO comics (or any other kind of comic writing) so I hope it reads well, and I’m sure folks will let me know if it doesn’t. [Edit] Folks have asked, so I’ve started putting up photos of the new stuff that I created for this comic.

Tan Alien back-story Comic

5 comments on “LEGO Alien Back-story Comic

  1. Dan Post author

    There are a lot of resources for photographing LEGO stuff. There are several threads kicking around on flickr, and this thread may be helpful. In general, I recommend a good tripod and a lot of light. A lot of people use store-bought light tents in order to achieve diffuse lighting.

  2. ColourSchemer

    Interesting and well-done. I was a bit surprised to see a (vaguely) humanoid shape in the emissary, since I’d gotten the impression that the tan aliens WERE the aliens- some type of biomechanical living ship. Or maybe some are. Hooray for cows first foray into LEGO Space.

    (Is that why the cows were mutilated, they were witnesses?)

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