10192 Space Skulls 80% off from LEGO Shop (and other sales & deals)

10192 Space Skulls is now available from the LEGO Shop online for 80% off the original price. At only $19.99, it’s a steal:

A number of other sets are also on fairly deep discounts:

Amazon.com also has a big selection of LEGO sets on sale:

20 comments on “10192 Space Skulls 80% off from LEGO Shop (and other sales & deals)

  1. RevRagnarok

    Check dealnews.com – they had the skull this morning. You can add a single brick to go over $20 and there is a $5 coupon there. Just a friend, have nothing to do with them.

  2. Andrew Post author

    ^ That’s nice, but it doesn’t help us pay the bills. ;-)

    Running Brothers-Brick.com isn’t cheap, and asking our readers to support a LEGO fan site — whether us or another site like Brickset or Peeron — seems reasonable, even if there may be better deals elsewhere.

  3. RevRagnarok

    My apologies Andrew, I know click-thrus are important! So everybody, ignore me, click thru from here, add a pick-a-brick to get over $20, and see if coupon code “BSCD29” gives ya $5 off (basically free shipping).

    Moderators, if this coupon code will void your kickbacks, please delete this post and my original. I wasn’t trying to pull away visitors or anything – like I said, I’m just a fan and have nothing to do with the other site.

  4. KryptonHeidt

    Yay! I just ordered mine :).

    Wish I would’ve read the comments, though, before I ordered. Oh well!

    Thanks for the post, Andrew! I would’ve missed this, otherwise ;).

  5. Dr. X

    To heck with it, I just bought one. Now I’m planning on building something in white. And that coupon code works, thanks Rev!

  6. notenoughbricks

    That is great news concerning te Space Skulls set. The Castle Siege price at Amazon isn’t so hot however because on Black Friday it was $48.88 at Wal-Mart when I picked up one.

    I will be buying the Space Skulls set and will click through from TBB to support this website that I visit each and every day I turn my cpu on.

    I haven’t been able to find a parts inventory online for the Space Skulls set other than through the Customer Service link at LEGO.com which has the instructions available to download. The 2nd booklet has the parts inventory towards the end.

  7. Herman

    I agree with Nolnet. There isn’t much in there, even though the set offers a lot of bricks for that money.

    I never understood Space Skulls, I guess that’s why they are practically giving it away now.

  8. Garth D

    There’s a nice inventory over at Bricklink. Here’s the link


    I though there were some good parts in large amounts, like 44 of those white 1×3 curved slopes with no studs, or 94 of those black hinged cylinders. The latter is great for the anyone needing to build a lot of tentacles. Plus the price was great. I bought 2. For some reason I find it more satisfying to buy sets and part them out for my building stock. This over just buying mass quantities of some part on Bricklink.

  9. TargetBoy

    I got one. I check the savings category on Lego.com regularly, but you guys always seems to get to these awesome deals first. This marks the second item I’ve gotten through click through from here. Thanks!

    On another note…. I really like the idea of the space skulls, I just found the amount of the part count wasted on repetitive elements to be too much to justify buying this at anywhere near the original price.


  10. the enigma that is badger

    Picked up a Space Skull set if only for the fact 1000 bricks for $20 isn’t something you see too often! I know I’ll find some use for them down the road.

    It’s sort of unfortunate is see a fire sale on a line of sets that had such an AFOL connection, but then I think we’d all agree price point was a major issue with the Space Skulls/Justice sets. The MMV more than likely represents the future of “AFOL bait” exclusives – extensions of existing lines the feature exclusive (at least for a while) figs and parts.

  11. Optimystic

    I guess I could get one through here and one through Brickset…

    I just wish they would keep making Star Justice and Space Skulls…

  12. Morgan19

    >> The MMV more than likely represents the future of “AFOL bait” exclusives

    I’m wracking my brain and can’t figure out what “MMV” is?

  13. peterlmorris

    Got mine also! I’m pretty excited b/c I finally can have some quality Space Skulls on Star Justice action.

    I mean versus. Space Skulls versus Star Justice action.

  14. Lich Barrister

    …I’ll just sidle on past the above comment and thank tBB for posting this one again. Two for me, one to pay off a debt to a friend… and two more for the friend who loved the idea of getting three sets for the price of two at this price too much to let it go.

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