What a hamburger’s all about

Bruce Lowell loves a good double-double. He’s re-created an In-N-Out Burger in stunning detail. He’s captured everything right down to the X of palm trees marking the spot. Speaking of those palm trees, check out the awesome rendition of dried leaves. Make my burger animal style.


10 comments on “What a hamburger’s all about

  1. Jai

    Freaking amazing. Every picture that doesn’t have the generic cars in it is just perfect (I don’t care much for the generic cars, they’re the only detail that doesn’t look like it took hard work and creativity to make — of course, there are quite a lot of vehicles in those shots that DO, and those are also awesome).

  2. brendanpowellsmith

    Wow. As beautiful in LEGO as it is in life. My mouth is watering. Exquisite details, especially on the awnings and the logo sign.

    I had the opposite feeling about the generic cars as Jai. I think they fulfill their purpose perfectly, providing a parking lot full of generic cars without stealing the show from the main attraction. Maybe it’s only because I’m so inept at making any sort of minifig-scale cars, but I saw these and thought “I should learn from these.”

    Have to wonder what’s in the silver bucket in this photo though:

  3. Dan Post author

    I’m not joking, Ry. I would gladly accept a double double animal style right now, if anyone were willing to bring one to this coast.

  4. ColourSchemer

    Brendan, That red liquid is the degreaser In-N-Out uses on oil stains. The company has mild corporate OCD.

    Dan, I’ve lived without a nearby In-N-Out long enough to consider a courier service. Would the $300 plane ticket be too high a price for an East Coast 2×2?

  5. bruce n h

    If someone is setting up a courier service to bring double-doubles east, I’m in! Awesome MOC, Brucey-wan. The attention to detail is great (esp those red plumes as the little palm tree decorations). This gave me a total Homer Simpson moment: Mmmmm, double-doubles.

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