Fully functional Beauty and the Beast LEGO music box

It’s not uncommon for us to use trite phrases in the title of our posts, but this time we mean it literally. Check out this microsized vignette by edulyoung from the ballroom scene of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. The vignette also functions as a real-working music box, in which components from an actual music box where modified to fit with LEGO parts. Check out how it all works in the gallery on Brickshelf.

UPDATE: Joel over at BB Gadgets created an embeddable version of Edul’s video, which is absolutely gorgeous:

Beauty & the Beast LEGO music box by Edul Young on Vimeo.

4 comments on “Fully functional Beauty and the Beast LEGO music box

  1. TooMuchDew

    It’s worth viewing the WMV file showing the construction secrets and musicbox in action. (the yellow minifig-arm skirting on Beauty is only a *little* bit creepy) Check out the rest of the Brickshelf gallery for “edulyoung”… lots to like, especially “Pegasus (reminds me more of a Harry Potter Thestral), “Ford Model T Roadster 1912” with working convertible roof, “RobotTaekwonV” , & the large tree in “Shrine” (gonna steal that construction idea!)

  2. Ramone

    This is hands down one of the best MOCs I’ve seen. Both in functionality, and parts use. Especially the wookie head for Beast–that made me LOL!

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