LEGO Architecture Space Needle and Empire State Building [News]

UPDATE: The newest LEGO Architecture sets are Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and Guggenheim Museum.


The two newest LEGO Architecture sets are now available from the LEGO Shop.

I’m particularly pleased to find the Seattle Space Needle available, since I see it everyday here in, well, Seattle!

The Empire State Building is another iconic landmark now available as a set:

Update: As the locals in the comments indicate, $20 for our beloved needle seems a bit steep, so Ochre Jelly suggests this one for 30 cents instead! :-D


13 comments on “LEGO Architecture Space Needle and Empire State Building [News]

  1. Josh

    @Ochre Jelly – I was thinking the same thing. Wrong color, wrong base, wrong price. I think proportions are off too, but I haven’t compared the model with a picture. The upper section looks a bit big, but I could be wrong.

    But I still kind of want it, just so I can have an official tile with “Seattle Space Needle” on it. :oops:

  2. Dan

    These sets make me glad that I’m not a completist when it comes to set collecting. The price per part ratio on these is just attrocious. They also don’t give the impression that they’d be able to teach me any new building techniques.

  3. Nathan Wells

    No new pieces, or old pieces or in new colors…heck, I think I can even make both models with pieces from my current collection (if I didn’t live in a dorm room and a six hour drive away from my collection, that is)


  4. dover

    yeah, nowhere near the right colours

    from wikipedia
    “…With paint colors named Orbital Olive for the body, Astronaut White for the legs, Re-entry Red for the saucer, and Galaxy Gold for the roof…”

  5. bruce n h


    As I noted when I blogged this, I don’t think that we are the audience for these sets. Neither are kids. These were first sold in souvenir shops and museum stores, so they seem to be more for someone to get an put on their desk in their office. As such, I think that’s a pretty cool way to promote the hobby to the non-AFOL world.


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