So meaty!

Skinny tie on Joel McHale, check. Bikini on Mankini (with big ole bellybutton), check.

As Ochre Jelly says on his MOCpages entry for this creation:

It you don’t watch “The Soup” then this creation won’t [make] much sense to you. Actually, if you don’t watch this show then you are missing the funniest show on US television! Perhaps you don’t own a television. Or haven’t figured out how to operate it yet. Or you are a fan of reality TV shows and are therefore unable to read the numbers on the remote control.

3 comments on “So meaty!

  1. the enigma that is badger

    Now *THAT’S* an MOC that makes me hungry for a big ol’ bowl of chat stew! Of course, it would have been funnier with John Henson (or maybe Greg Kinnear), but then I’m old school ;)

    Great job on a very unexpected topic!

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