Early 2009 LEGO City Farm sets out now. How now non-brown cow? [News]

The complete series of early 2009 LEGO City Farm sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

7637 Farmicon includes two black-and-white cows, tan fedora, tractor, and more:


7634 Tractoricon and 7636 Combine Harvestericon add critical vehicles to your agribusiness:

iconicon iconicon

A hearty “Moo!” to reader kastlekid for the tip.

19 comments on “Early 2009 LEGO City Farm sets out now. How now non-brown cow? [News]

  1. David4

    LEGO has lost it.

    $90 for the Farm!?!


    OUT… OF… THEIR… MIND!!!!!

    Guess it’s a good thing their is a recession because I’ll be saving a ton of money by not buy insanely overpriced LEGO.

  2. Lich Barrister

    These are a bit steep, indeed – especially for a non-licensed property. In Canadian currency, it’s nearly twenty cents per piece – far off of the usual pricing.

    I still covet these, but I’ll wait for some serious sales instead. *Sigh*

  3. Fred

    Yeah I rarely chime in on the price issue but, that does seem mighty steep for a ~600 piece set.
    I wonder if the high oil prices from last year are finally reflecting in plastic prices? These could have been molded and boxed months ago.

  4. Chrispockst

    Prices aside, i really like the trick they achieved on the bottom of the grain hopper with those red windshield pieces, and tan fedora!!

  5. EJ Nichols

    I want those big tractor tires so bad…honestly, the pretty blue tractor is the only thing I’m interested in in the farm set.

  6. TooMuchCaffeine

    “Not available in the United Kingdom” – boo.

    It is a bit steep, and some of the pieces are a bit “kiddy” for me. On the other hand, I think my daughter would love it.

  7. eti

    For 90 dollars or euros I would at least expect a complete farm, not just the stables. And to make it a nice play set some more animals and less focus on industrial crop farming may have been a better idea…

    Love those tractors, though. I’ll get the red one.
    Only problem is… they’re not available. Leave it to Lego to confuse people with product availability… why release these in the US (or wherever you are who can see them in the shop, I suppose US?) and not in Europe… I know we will get them eventually but I don’t know what advantage TLC has in phasing the release this way.

  8. Cashcleaner

    I picked the Farm up yesterday at the local Toys R Us for $109.99 CAD and thought it was totally worth the price.

    Yes, the brick count is a bit low and the stables and barn themselves could have been designed better, but the tractors are really nice and detailed as well as the cows and minifigs. You also get a lot of cool little additions like the mobile drill press and oxy-acetylene tanks.

  9. Spidubic

    Someone mentioned they were available last night on Eurobricks so I headed over to S&H and jumped for joy when I saw they were right. Ordered the tractor, combine, farm, and truck and horse trailer. As far as parts count per dollar they are a little steep but look at what you get. There is a whole lot of detail and playability. Along with a ton of things to add and mod. I cannot wait!!

  10. Thanel

    I don’t think I’ll act on my lust, but I admit that I lust after a combine harvester for the first time in my life. Maybe my wife will insist we buy it since she loves these types of sets.

  11. Puddleglum

    What about “How now Holstein?” :-)

    Anyways, Fred, I think you are right – LEGO has to sell sets based on their manufacturing costs, and those were probably incurred when oil prices were in the straosphere. Here’s hoping that prices will ease back down a bit come 2010. But this is something of a perfect storm for LEGO – high oil prices followed by worldwide recession. Hopefully they can weather the storm reasonably well.

  12. David4

    I understand that last year’s oil prices were insane and that reflexs into this year’s sets, I get that, and was fine with that.

    Year’s past this would be a $60 set, I figured it would be $70, no $90, there is no license to worry about. The tractor is $13 for 78 pieces, there is a Power Miner set for $10 with close to 100. There are Star Wars sets with ~550 pieces for $60, then 350 piece sets for $55, the prices seem completely and utterly random. $90 for an incomplete farm and three minifigures or $100 for that Castle market set with 8 minifigures and 1000 more pieces? Sure the pieces are smaller, but still.

    I hope the Space Sets are nice, and not too overpriced, those are the only nice looking sets for me this year.

  13. RobRiley

    I was wondering why the price on the farm was so high when I saw it at Toys R Us yesterday.

    Hmm… considering this is a reflection of oil prices, it stands to reason the cost of manufacturing will drop in the next several months. I wonder if a price drop on the farm might happen.

    It’s hard to justify $90 for a set that size.

  14. David4

    There is a problem with the “oil cost a lot last year” theory to the insane prices. There are videos showing how the bricks are made, in it the guy says that they make enough of one type of brick for 2-3 months. If that is the case wouldn’t the price of the older sets go up as well? It’s not like all the older sets were made the beginning of last year, some had to be made when oil was high, why didn’t all the sets go up?

  15. Will Thomas

    ^^One of the pirate sets [I forget which one, I think it was the pirate ship] dropped from $100 [U.S. currency] to $50. That said, I wouldn’t buy that farm set if it were selling for $40.

  16. MdrnMrvls

    The farm set (aside from the cows) doesn’t look all that impressive. The pieces are getting terribly large…

    Although the red tractor looks nice.

  17. Marc Nelson Jr.

    I buy sets solely for parts, so I doubt if I’ll be buying any on that basis.

    That being said, I’m really excited about this line because I’m glad to see TLG doing more non-emergency Town stuff. The Cafe Corner sets are great, but the price and complexity don’t lend them to the rugrat market. I’m hoping I’ll be able to buy my daughter sets like these when she gets a little older.

    Will these be in stores or only on S@H?

  18. TooMuchDew

    I’m hoping TRU has a Buy 2 get 1 Free sale sometime soon. The price points of Farm, Construction, and Pirates match up pretty well to get an effective 33% off.

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