Favorite runners-up from the GO MINIMAN GO Photo Contest

LEGO fans submitted nearly a hundred entries to the GO MINIMAN GO Photo Contest, which made choosing the Grand Prize, First Prize, and Second Prize winners very hard.

Here are are a few of my personal favorites from among the rest of the entries.

Moritz Nolting packs a crowd of minifigs aboard a party truck, led by a dude with a monkey tattoo on his chest:

Peter Edwards constructs a lovely scene using a megalithic RCX brick:

Second Prize winner dabol_t entered nine photos in the contest. Here are my own favorites:

B-boying from minifigs

Fabuland, check! Maxi-figs, check! Retro car, check! This diorama by Aaron Andrews includes so many nostalgic elements, I’m about to pop! Plastic Revolution indeed.

Each of Erik Smit‘s entries was in contention for a prize in its category, and combined, they’re a truly wonderful series (best viewed large):

So, dear readers, what were your favorite entries?

6 comments on “Favorite runners-up from the GO MINIMAN GO Photo Contest

  1. Shmails

    I was really surprised that “Go Miniman Panic Go” did not place. I thought it was really creative and outside the box so to speak.

    Also “Genesis” is a brilliant picture, and when I look at the bus full of minifigs, all I can think about is the Warriors being chased down the street. Great fun in that one.

    It was a great contest with some wonderful pictures!

  2. eti

    Okay, here’s my favorites, excluding my own of course – per decennium in no particular order:

    Darkspawn’s The Plastic Revolution (mentioned as runner up)

    Dabol_t’s 1970s the Genesis (the one where a doll escapes from a Homemaker set)

    Au Riverhorse’s Watergate with bugged phone (second prize winner)

    Shmails’s Daydreaming of Adventure (second prize winner)

    Tiberium Blue’s The Surfer (grand prize winner)

    Rknum’s Here’s to the 80’s

    Aeisenbart’s Iron Maiden World Slavery Tour (first prize winner)

    Profound Whatever’s The Rise of Indie Rock (first prize winner)

    Nolnet’s Love Parade (runner up)

    Rupilego’s Go Miniman Go Downhill (second prize winner)

    Model Gal’s The Past Is Now Behind Us

    And I also liked these:

    Kris Kelvin’s military barracks
    I don’t see how it relates to the theme or what decennium it could possibly be

    Alexhui0416’s Hong Kong Street
    One of his other shots won second prize – I’m not sure if those are all different angles of a large MOC or if they’re all seperate, nor what decennium exactly they all refer to

  3. pe668

    I guess I’m often out of step with the majority, but my favs were more in-line with TBB. Except Erik Smit’s entries did nothing for me. They looked nice but far from original and a bit boring (for me).
    But all the winners including Eric totally deserved it, congrats.

    Tiberium Blue’s The Surfer was awesome, but the MOC he made after that using all the trans blue as a waterfall was even better.
    The other two that had to win were:
    Go Miniman Panic Go!
    miniman go downhill 01

    I really liked these and was surprised they didn’t win something:
    Go Miniman Go Party!
    The zone where normal things don’t happen very often…
    1970’s – The Plastic Revolution
    THE 70s: THE GENESIS (Pumkin Field)

    And this one I thought would win something:
    The Past Is Now Behind Us

    “1” was a brilliant MOC but just didn’t seem to fit this competition.

    I put a lot of thought and effort into my entries only 4 (who knew you could submit more, other than Diablo_T?). But I wonder wether anyone read the descriptions? Without the accompanying text they were not very inspiring, but I captured the greatest moments in Lego history. The Robotitics Inventory System (Mindstorm set which had the RCX) has the record of the best selling Lego set ever, which I parodied the flag raising at Iwo Jima. TBB describe as “lovely scene” so the message was completely lost.

    All those rules about judging (40% this and that) didn’t seem to amount to anything when the winners were decided. Anyway one of the best competitions with almost 100 entries, I hope TBB have more like these.

  4. dabol_t

    Hallo! I agree with your opinions. Why the Truck didn’t win something? That was so wonderfull…! So it is for many others. My winner entry was not so beautiful as the ones you mentioned. And all my entries were not OWN CREATIONS like yours, but only shots, ideas. I decided to partecipate because I had many many ideas and I just wanted to have funny times and make you laugh with me!:-)) There are no words to descibe your talent to create and manipulate with lego bricks, and this is a fact! My sincerely compliments to all of you!:-)

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