Latest LEGO sales & deals from the LEGO Shop & [News]

With all the new LEGO sets out in December and January, it’s been a while since we’ve shared sales and deals with you.

10175 Vader’s TIE Advanced™ is 50% off:

Lots of small sets are also on sale, including Racers and Bionicle.

Click the banner to see all of the current deals from the LEGO Shop online:


In a first for us, here are the latest LEGO sales and deals on as well: offers free shipping on most orders over $25 that ship directly from Amazon.

As much as I’d personally like to avoid it, advertising is what keeps The Brothers Brick running smoothly. In a weakening economy, diversifying our sources of revenue is critical. Still, let us know what you think about our addition of the Amazon links.

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  1. mania3

    I clicked through and bought both things you listed on sale on Keep up the great work and feel free to post more sales on your site as I rarely pass them up!

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