A Chicken Chaser by Kevin Fedde

I’m a sucker for ApocaLego. Especially the lone survivor type. This little scene by Kevin Fedde is excellent. In fact, he is doing a series, based on this fig’s journal. You can keep track of the updates in Kevin’s ApocaLego folder.

My wife said I couldn’t blog this, as she likes chickens and felt sorry for the poor thing. Don’t tell her that I posted it, okay?

8 comments on “A Chicken Chaser by Kevin Fedde

  1. greenglo

    The only thing a chicken should be loved for is its tendency to be delicious! That said, love the fire and chicken remnants :D Don’t worry we won’t tell.

  2. Mister Zumbi

    Dude I’m european that shifted his homecountry three times by now. I don’t need to know what you americans think about chicken :D…

  3. Shmails

    I love this, although I am in the same boat as Josh. If my wife saw this she would be very upset. That said, I love the creativity displayed here!

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