is two years old today! [Editorial]

The Brothers Brick turned three a few months ago, but today is our second anniversary on

And what a difference a second year on our own domain has made!

2008 stats 2007 stats
  • 5,973,090 page views
  • 2,006,339 visits
  • 820,532 unique visitors
  • 119,524 unique keywords from search engines
  • 36,382 spam comments
  • 12,307 real comments
  • 4,824 unique referring sites
  • 1,086,362 page views
  • 337,158 visits
  • 131,046 unique visitors
  • 15,062 unique keywords from search engines
  • 26,198 spam comments
  • 2,325 real comments
  • 1,567 unique referring sites

There are readers in 196 countries and regions around the world:

Notable additions since last year include Mongolia and Madagascar. Next year, we’re hoping to find readers in North Korea, Turkmenistan, and central Africa.

Here are a few of my favorite lists, based on statistics from this past year:

Top Countries Top Keywords Referring Sites
  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Germany
  6. The Netherlands
  7. France
  8. Japan
  9. Poland
  10. Italy
  1. lego blog
  2. 2009 lego sets
  3. lego power miners
  4. lego agents
  5. lego castle advent calendar
  6. ramm lego
  7. lego wall-e
  8. lego pirates 2009
  9. lego
  10. brickarms
  1. Search engines
  2. StumbleUpon
  3. Flickr
  4. Gizmodo
  5. Digg
  6. BB Gadgets
  7. Brickset
  8. Eurobricks
  10. The old blog
  11. Fark

With a couple of exceptions, our most popular posts in the past year have been news items:

  1. Ed Diment finishes HMS Hood — in 20-foot-long minifig scale!
  2. Zombie Apocafest 2008: Children, avert your eyes!
  3. Rocko summons the worm
  4. LEGO Star Wars 10188 Death Star pics reveal interior and 21+ minifigs
  5. 10193 Medieval Market Village to be released in 2009
  6. First pictures of 2009 LEGO sets
  7. Pixar animator Angus MacLane builds best LEGO Wall-E yet
  8. First pictures of 2009 LEGO Power Miners sets
  9. Possible 2009 LEGO sets
  10. First pictures of 4999 Vestas Windmill set

Most importantly, 2008 has been the year during which you the readers of The Brothers Brick have come together as an online community to nominate your own Ambassadors to The LEGO Group.

Finally, here are some links to historical posts for readers who care:

Here’s to many more years of creativity and community! We hope you’ll stick with The Brothers Brick for the ride. It’s going to be fun.

46 comments on “ is two years old today! [Editorial]

  1. Starwars4J


    “Notable additions since last year include…Madagascar.”

    Well I’m glad at least one of us was able to get them :( That being said, how is it that spam comments are differentiated from real comments?

  2. Tananavalley

    It seems like mere moments ago when I made the first comment on your Original Welcome Message so many years ago. Congratulations and may success continue to be yours (as granted by the mighty space lizards who are our lords and masters). To those of you out there who can’t appreciate the Brothers Brick accomplishments…string cheese you jerks.

  3. Lino

    Wow…only two years old? With all the readers you have I figured you were on since the days when Al Gore invented the internet. Anyway…congrats to you guys and here’s to many many more years of blogging success.

  4. peter edwards

    HB Brothers. It’s no wonder you have so many fans with such a great blogg. Keep up the great work.

  5. TheBrickster

    Happy Birthday BB! This site has really come a long way. I always enjoy reviewing the many great MOCs and other blogs re. the Lego community. I visit just about every day. Keep of the great work!

  6. obxcrew

    Congratulations! :D

    I’m curious as to how you take care of the spam comments. Are you able to review them, or are they automatically deleted?

  7. Curtis

    I’m proud to be a contributor to those stats:)

    Many congratulations, and merry Christmas everyone (and any other holidays)! Go build lots of cool things now!

  8. Bruce

    Hey guys,

    Congratulations on continuing the great work. Here’s to another year of LEGO blogging.

    One thing that would be interesting to do, btw, would be to take your pageview stats and divide by the country (or state) population, to see the relative density of AFOLs viewing BB. If you had to do this by hand, you could just take the top ten nations, which would still be an interesting statistic.


  9. Todd Holaday

    I add my congradulations to the list and thank you for keeping it new and interesting. Keep up the great work.

  10. Alan R

    I agree with Bruce;
    But, I’d like to see more of an AFOL/sq mile (or km) rating more. ‘twould be interesting to see how many AFOLs there are per square mile (or rather, miles between AFOLs, as it may be).

    But, laziness is a completely valid reason not to tabulate such data.

    Anyways, congrats. I know that I’ll keep reading as long as you keep posting. You’re the reason I’m back into LEGO, and that’s worth something to me.

  11. Huw

    Congratulations guys — you take the hard work out of finding the wheat among all the chaff out there and I wish you every success for the future!

    I’ll have to take a look at my stats and post something like this for Brickset.


  12. Daniel "DNL" Z

    Congratulations! I really enjoy reading this Blog.
    I didn’t think there would be that many spam comments, i’ve never seen one.

  13. Josh

    @DNL – Akismet is really good. It catches the vast majority of spam comments. It tends to err on the side of caution. There are often a number of comments that it saves for moderation, just in case they are spam. I’ve been really impressed with it.

  14. Nemphtis

    I’m a bit late but happy birthday to this site. I have it on my RSS reader and love checking out the awesome mecha designs and Star Wars related models. Keep updating guys, it’s great skimming through the photos.

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