A box of train

Box of train

As part of my Wild West Train project I’ve been trying to vary the presentation as well as produce useful instructions for each stage. The final stage let me try a new experiment: packaging the ‘train set’ in its own satin lined wooden box. Fabric is kind of difficult to render without special tools so I decided to go for satin as the easiest.

And of course there are instructions for each part of the train: loco, passenger wagon, lumber wagon, boxcar and caboose.

3 comments on “A box of train

  1. TheBrickster

    Awesome! I want to buy one. The only thing missing is some nice classic western images on the box cover. This is top notch and I’d love to see Lego create an exclusive set just like this. Wow!

  2. Gambort Post author

    Thanks guys.

    ^ I thought about giving it a little silver nameplate on the wood but wasn’t really sure how. Might manage to get it on there sometime.

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