First 2009 LEGO City Farm set now available from LEGO Shop online [News]

The addition of 7635 4WD with Horse Trailericon to the LEGO Shop online means that cows can’t be far behind!


Less exciting, perhaps, but still pretty cool, a couple of the new LEGO City Construction sets are also now available, including the massive 7633 Construction Siteicon:


16 comments on “First 2009 LEGO City Farm set now available from LEGO Shop online [News]

  1. obxcrew

    “I killed someone, I’m a bad person . . . look, cows!”

    Yay for references to cult classics. ;)

    But I am excited about those cows. . . .

  2. Lich Barrister

    Bring on the Farm! I’m really stoked by this new avenue for “City” Lego. Here’s hoping for some of the other suggestions made here in the past materialize in the future – minifig-size musical instruments for concerts, public spaces (statuary, playgrounds, cafes), and other things beyond Fire, Police, and Construction (excellent as they are, still…).

  3. Dr. X

    Man, musical instruments would be so extremely epic I would faint from the awesome.

    And too bad only one farm set came out. This isn’t one I was really looking forward to, and $23 for a 170-part set is kinda strange…

  4. Peter Edwards

    Less exciting, seriously Andrew are you still collecting the Paradisa theme? I would much rather have 7633 than 7635 any day of the week.
    Still waiting for the cows…..bring on the cows, cows with guns!

  5. EJ

    Saw all these at Toys Be We the other day. I admit to being quite intrigued by that SUV pulling the horse carriage, but if the price was weird I didn’t pay attention. The new construction sets are looking pretty cool tho.

  6. Euphreana

    Considering my first lego set was Sunset Stables (6405-1) back from ’92, 7635 brings back a whole lot of (good) memories. I’m definitely going to be asking for the horse trailer for Christmas!
    (Although that constrction one looks hip too….)

  7. Lino

    I just got the horse trailer from Dirty Brickster. I couldn’t be happier!

    bring on the cows with freakin’ lasers on their heads!

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