LEGO-inspired bling

What to get that LEGO geek in your life who has every set released so far (even the brand new stuff)? How about a set of rings with LEGO-compatible studs for showing off their favorite bricks?

Available in one, two, and four-stud varieties, these custom accessories aren’t necessarily inexpensive. But oh so cool!

Via Gizmodo and MAKE.

21 comments on “LEGO-inspired bling

  1. Jai

    Alright, I’ve looked the linked site over and am pretty confident that I have absolutely no idea how to get ahold of one of these (Nor can I read German… if that’s “German” and not “me looking dumb”). Any advice?

  2. Alex

    This isn’t particularly related to… anything, but the caption underneath the blog title at the top of the page: that can’t be from the Hitchhiker’s Guide movie, can it?

  3. Andrew Post author

    ^ Bonus points for identifying the reference! (Though I believe Josh was referencing the book, not the movie, when he put that up there. Not sure.)

  4. nolnet

    @ Jai: I am and read German, so I can assure you: It’s not you being dumb… The maker of those rings seems to be some kind of freelance artist, and he or she certainly doesn’t have a proper shop system. Basically you choose a ring, transfer a heap of money and hope for the best… There’s also no credid card or paypal as payment methods.
    If you really really want those rings, I’d suggest to mail the guy personally (edition.mathea[at], find out if he speaks english and work out a shipping procedure that fits both of you.

  5. Andrew Post author

    ^ There’s actually a whole ton of LEGO-themed stuff on Etsy. My wife sends me links occasionally, but I keep forgetting to blog them…

  6. Jai

    With four of those rings on one hand, you could carry a mobile LEGO building platform around with you! And build all of your fingers together.

    Hm, maybe the guy with the LEGO Boba Fett costume could use these for his gloves.

  7. Exxos

    Since the site is Elisabeth Mathea’s, I would say she was a girl. Though if it turned out to be a tranny making lego rings… I would have to admit that would make the tale of the origins of the ring quite quirky, “Behold! Der Lego Ringe umgearbeitet durch das kahlköpfige, Transsexueller Bären des Mörders von Deutschland!”

    Too bad I have trick joints and can’t wear rings – otherwise I would snap one up.

    (And yes, I am sure I slipped up a bit on my German, it has been awhile since I tried to make a coherent sentence apart from the occasional blurb.)

  8. nolnet

    ^ trying to figure out what you wanted to say by reverse-translating gives me a headache… the only word that makes sense is “Behold” :-)

  9. Exxos

    It was partly a twist on the “Bald-headed, killer bear of Claire County” line from the Great Outdoors.

    “Behold! The Lego rings ‘cast in metal’ by the bald-headed, killer transsexual of Germany!”

    Though my German is influenced heavily by my extended family – which are mostly idiots from Lörrach in Baden-Württemberg and the surrounding cantons and departments in Switzerland and France, so sometimes I’ll get some French or more than a fair bit of Swiss German in there when I try to speak German. (^_^;)

  10. Jörg Mathea

    I´m the designer of LEGO-rings. I didn`t know, that the world is waiting for this product, so I made the web-site only in German.
    To all fans: In a few hours, you can visit my site in a English version.
    I thank you ,

    Jörg Mathea (Chief Designer / Art Director)

  11. Thanel Dunechaser

    Smash t-shirts’ logo is a brick and they have a set of logo earrings that are just a pair of single LEGO bricks. Great for the ladies, or man-pirates. Also neat shirts (e.g. “don’t meth with iowa,” “drop dodge omni turbos not bombs,” “damn it feels good to be a gangster”). In case an older brother is wondering about a good x-mas present for his younger brother. Or LEGO. LEGO is always good.

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