Rainbow tricks

Pakistani Truck with PFS RC

In my early days of building I designed one of the fantastically colourful Pakistani trucks. I wanted to have a real copy of it but never quite got around to building it. I’ve also always been terribly impressed by Jason Railton’s ability to combine motorised functionality and good looks in small packages. So, Technic being one of the few themes I’ve never really attempted as an adult, I decided to have a go.

Anyway, to cut a long story short I managed to fit remote controlled steering and driving (plus the batteries) into the truck. I can hoon this around the house all from a Power Functions (PF) remote control. Video of it in action.

I’d like to take this chance to compliment LEGO on the fantastic PF System. Modular RC is just great. I hope that a smaller motor is coming.

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  1. obxcrew

    “You should add some sort of big spike on the front and drive it into your cats and/or dogs repeatedly.”

    . . . and then e-mail it to PETA. ;)

  2. Gambort Post author

    ^ Yeah but we already know that’s coming.

    Andrew> I’ve never worked out a good way to do a jeepney. Decoratas are prominently on my list but had to wait until I finished this baby.

  3. Mad Physicist

    Regular readers will have seen my FDNY ladder truck, but few may have realised that it too has power functions remote control. I’d been dreaming of having my own remote controlled LEGO vehicle probably since I was a child, and when I bought a monster dino earlier this year, my hands were itching. It is a fantastic system indeed.

  4. Gambort Post author

    ^ Yeah it’s a great system. Homemade RC is awesome. I’ve been zipping this around the house like a smal child on Christmas Day. I just wish there was a smaller motor so I could make some more regular powered semis.

    obxcrew> It’s a ridiculously garish and chromated Japanese semi-trailer or truck. Decorata = Decorated Truck. There’s been one posted here if you search for ‘decorata’.

  5. JimmytheJ

    Can I just mention: is that on the back of the car a 1x2x2 slope, like the dress slope but thinner? wowzers. I want some in bley, so useful for a big project I’m pretending to work on.

  6. Magnus

    Terrific work! PF is really a little large for minifig scale MOCs, but you’ve pulled this off very nicely!

    And of course even without the PF it is a great build!

  7. Gambort Post author

    ^ Yeah it is a little too big. A small motor wouldn’t go astray. My first plan for an RC vehicle was a tank like you’ve done but fitting the battery box in proved too difficult.

  8. Jacob

    … Why do you say a smaller battery box is coming? If you’re referring to the new mini RC racers, I’m pretty sure that the whole block is prefab, like their previous counterparts. Of course, I would love to be proved wrong here.

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