“Turkey” Tactical Response and Combat Enforcer by Adrian Drake

Our focus here on The Brothers Brick is new creations (unless we’re fooled on Brickshelf, as we sometimes are). Nevertheless, classic creations come to our attention now and then that predate the blog and absolutely deserve broader attention.

Adrian Drake (Brickfrenzy) has been posting pictures of older creations on Flickr lately, and my favorite so far is his turkey mecha:

Click the picture for Adrian’s history of this creation, and check out the gallery on brickfrenzy.com for more pictures, including shots of the turkey with all weapons deployed.

Oh, and a belated “Happy Thanksgiving!” from me, too. ;-)

11 comments on ““Turkey” Tactical Response and Combat Enforcer by Adrian Drake

  1. Andrew Post author

    ^ Feel free to link to a gallery online to prove what you’re saying. At the moment, you’re just sounding jealous and petulant.

  2. John

    Trust me I have sent many emails in the past yet you and your all mighty judgement has yet to post or even reply to them

  3. Andrew Post author

    @John: You are clearly not nnenn, even when you claim to be. Epic fail.

    EDIT: And actually attempting to impersonate nnenn by using his name will simply earn you a ban. Don’t try it again.

  4. Maxtax45

    I understand the whole holiday theme, but I have to agree with john or whoever he is, this just doesn’t seem blog worthy

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