Amazing Black Friday deals on LEGO Shop at Home online!

A quick visit to the LEGO Shop online this morning reveals unexpected amazing Black Friday deals. These include:

In addition, orders over $99 receive free shipping. Plus, save $10 for each $100 spent up to $300.

Click the banner, and then click Sales & Deals to check ’em out for yourself.


Unfortunately, readers outside the US are reporting that these deals are only valid in the United States..

8 comments on “Amazing Black Friday deals on LEGO Shop at Home online!

  1. Chris Edwards

    As someone who visits the sales and deals page every day, I didn’t notice at first that the Star Justice and Space Skulls sets (which have been on there for months) had been further reduced to $34.99! I think that deserves a special mention!

  2. dover

    those 4 items are also for sale at that price at the Lego stores. I believe it’s through the weekend, but don’t quote me on that.

  3. H.Russell

    For those of us that live in the UK, general grievous is half price now. Considering the amount of pieces, it is very good value.

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