Pirate landing on Neptune’s Noggin

Jordan Schwartz gets everyone in the mood for pirates with his latest and largest creation depicting a peaceful harbor invaded by plundering pirates. There’s plenty of action floating around this scene, but most impressive is the pirate ship, which is a spectacle in itself.

Check out Jordan’s creation featured on LAMLtv with a clip of the builder explaining his work in person.

8 comments on “Pirate landing on Neptune’s Noggin

  1. Peppermint Pig

    Nice hat Sir!! :)

    Oh, cool MOC too. Ever reliable ice-cream contrails make for good details here. I like.

  2. jedimasterwagner

    wow, you’re only 16?! i was surprised and impressed to see that someone who has only barely turned old enough to get a driver’s license can build such clever and detailed mocs. it’s always interesting to put the face to the builder. I can definitely see u someday working for “the company.” neptune’s noggin is really cool, by the way.

  3. jedimasterwagner

    it’s surprising because not too many TFOLs have the skills or the bricks (it’s not just talent either) to compete with the best AFOLs, but this young builder clearly does. How many TFOL’s get blogged on TBB? I would guess it’s a minority.

  4. Lord T

    I dunno, I’ve seen quite a few tfols get a spotlight here (myself included) but Jordan does seem to get featured more often than most.

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