Snowblowerman rides again, now with a leaf blower

As autumn gives way to winter in New England, Mike Crowley gives us another Snowblowerman vignette. This time around, our hero wages battle not against flakes but against leaves instead, thereby earning himself a new nickname — Leafblowerman.

Naturally, there’s also a potential love interest:

7 comments on “Snowblowerman rides again, now with a leaf blower

  1. Moose Greebles

    I love the gnome most of all. The two red and bley round disks and the ball and cube beneath them, are they Lego or custum pieces? They look a more glossy than usual Legos.

  2. Mark

    Nice! The leaf blower is fantastic, but the gnome is great.

    BTW, is it my imagination, or is the nome the Travelocity gnome?

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