Winter comes to Zgrredek’s Poland

I’ve postponed blogging this wonderful winter scene by Zgrredek several times because I can’t seem to find the right words.

From the smoky chimneys and trio of rooftop birds to the brick-built horse and old-fashioned delivery truck, I can’t pick just one favorite detail.

Find your own favorite details in the Brickshelf gallery.

(Via Klocki, Brick Town Talk, and several e-mails from readers.)

12 comments on “Winter comes to Zgrredek’s Poland

  1. greenglo

    I believe I can help you pick your favourite part of this MOC…any other votes for the chicken legged lady of the night…? lol priceless ! :)

  2. Marc Nelson Jr.

    Yeah, the way the snow is piled around obstructions really does it for me. It’s the rare winter scene that actually looks cold.

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