Through the wormhole with Rocko

In his latest vignette, Rocko summons a wormhole and sends a Viking charging through it to medieval Japan. Yeah, I’d be surprised too.

11 comments on “Through the wormhole with Rocko

  1. Maximus.

    Eeek, theres that WELL over used face again. Tis getting on my nerves now. I think it should be banned from all vigs!

    Love the idea for this vig though, its very original and cool!

  2. rocko

    I agree it’s an overused head but for some reason it still cracks me up just looking at it. I think it screams “pick me!” when I look into my head drawer.

  3. Garth Danielson

    Boy, I tell ya, if those Vikings act like they do in Michael Crichton’s Eaters of the Dead, then the Japanese are in for a treat. And by treat I don’t mean anything good. That head is like a hamburger. You think you’ve had enough, but with the right condiments, it’s fresh again. see ya. garth

  4. Wes

    Maximus, I challenge you to not make a similar face when you’re walking through a tranquil bamboo forest, only to have a wormhole spit a bloodthirsty, screaming, sword-wielding viking out above you.

  5. The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith

    I just hope LEGO is taking note of the popularity of their Best Minifig Face Ever and are hard at work designing many new variations on looks of utter terror for future minifigs.

    I know I still find it hard to find a face that expresses shock (as opposed to outright terror), disgust, or sadness.

    Oh, and uh, great vig! Crams in a perfect amount of detail to get across the brilliant concept.

  6. henk de vries

    What a coincidence, I made something like this but then a modern soldier going through a wormhole ending up in the dark ages. Both heads shown here are exactly the same ones I used on my vig. That’s realy weird. But anyway like they say: great minds think the same.

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