The Confessor comes for sinners’ souls

The latest mecha from Mark Stafford (Nabii) is named simply “6600M Confessor”:

It’s no secret by now that Mark is one of several LEGO fans who’ve joined The LEGO Group recently as set designers. (Others include Pierre Normandin, Jamie Berard, and Adam Grabowski.) Mark’s set design credits so far include several Exo-Force sets, Mission 3: Gold Hunt, Mission 6: Mobile Command Center, and MT-201 Ultra-Drill Walker.

Even though building with LEGO has now become his day job, it’s wonderful that Mark still finds time to churn out awesome creations of his own at home. As to this creation in particular, that’s one big freakin’ gun! The canopies on the shoulder work very well, and the well-proportioned limbs make mecha-building look easier than it actually is.

Check out MOCPages for more pictures and commentary.

(Via Young Spacers.)

8 comments on “The Confessor comes for sinners’ souls

  1. Exxos

    I find it odd that they can make such wonderful MOCs and yet the design of many lego sets is lacking. But I guess if they made the awesome all the time, the lego sets would be all $200 , because they need to be underdesigned and flimsy because they can’t use too many parts to keep the price down. Even still, they show more talent than what we end up getting in the box.

  2. Starwars4J

    Exxos: I actually had the opportunity to speak with Mark about this once. I think he has mentioned that sets can be several times more elaborate than they end up being, and that’s a fault (and a necessity) of those above them. Several factors such as keeping the number or type of bricks to a minimum, and keeping the new molds to a minimum, all while keeping the set looking beefy and worth the cash the consumer is paying leads to the severe cutting down of sets. It’s not a fault of the designers at all, but one of practicality and cost-effectiveness.

    That being said, this is an awesome MOC. For some reason I can’t help but feel I have seen this before (and not just on Young Spacers), was this a V.2 of something made within the past year?

  3. Ean

    Y’know, I think this is an old MOC. I remember seeing it on CSF ages ago and wishing I had that many trans-fingerbits.

  4. Andrew Post author

    ^ Nope, I meant what I wrote. Mark designed several of the final Exo-Force sets, as well as several of the LEGO Agents sets. ;-)

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