The Rusty Ferret cruises the galaxies

Creator of incredible works including the Invisible Hand and Apocalypsis, Mark Kelso unveils his latest masterpiece in LEGO – a variation of a concept ship from the Star Wars Extended Universe called the Rusty Ferret. This stunning creation measures 140 studs long (over 3.5ft) and is just a beauty to behold. Check out some of the work in progress shots here.

Make no mistake, when combined with Mark’s excellent photo-editing skills, you’d have to look twice to see that it’s actually LEGO.

And now, Mark will auction off this priceless creation starting at one hundred billion dollars. I’d buy it if I had the money.

7 comments on “The Rusty Ferret cruises the galaxies

  1. J4ke

    Actually, it’s “/expanded universe/”, not extended… ;)

    Great MOC though, I love the Invisible hand too. The amount of detail is amazing, great colouring and shapes, this has it all…

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