New Pirate Sets Available! [News]

Joe Meno found the new Pirate sets for sale at the Imagination Center at Disney World!

They aren’t available on from Lego Shop@Home yet, but it should only be a matter of time.

Thanks to Dano for pointing this out.

14 comments on “New Pirate Sets Available! [News]

  1. David

    They will be in stores a few days before Thanksgiving, they have been for the last few years at LEGO Stores. I was told that the November LEGO Store Calendar even says they will be out the 17th of this month.

    They will be on-line the first few days of December, they were last year, and that’s so yo don’t get free shipping. :)

  2. Wes

    Just got back from Legoland in Carlsbad. They had 6243 – Blackbeard’s Bounty and 6242 – Soldier’s Fort from 99.99 and 49.99 respectively. I got the both of them, and I was checking out when I noticed that they had the Giant Castle Chess set for 159.99, if anyone is interested. I went ahead and got one of those too. I can’t wait to open these Pirate sets up, I didn’t realize these were coming out so soon!

  3. Kothlis

    I’d be stoked if they came out this month. That means I can get Blackbeard’s Bounty from my Grandma for Christmas. Woohoo!

  4. Nexus

    1. They are NOT on either the December or November store calendars.
    2. Guess this means i can talk about them now (work for the lego store in tx)
    3. Cant remember what info we were given on availability (maybe thats a good thing, we still don’t have the coast guard platform altho that is coming in very soon)

  5. Nexus

    well on second thought we just got it in today. Yeah target had an exclusive-exclusive on us for a few weeks with both the republic tank, platform, and mission 7 (agents) we now have all those except the Jetrax yellow Bionicle varant.

  6. A Baum

    Well if they hit somewhere… weeird… the sale the date is supposed to be december 2nd on all new stuff. Except two new city sets, they are supposed to be in on the 17th of november…

  7. David

    The have aways gotten at least several of the new year’s sets right before Thanksgiving, that’s how it worked in MA for the last 3 years.

    What new City sets are supposed to come in on Monday? The Farm Tractor??? :)

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