Upcoming 8259 Mini Dozer + animated instructions

The upcoming 2009 Technic set, 8259 Mini Dozer, looks very promising and has inspired eager fans to create their own before the set hits stores.

What amazes me the most is this set of animated instructions created by AVCAmpos:

Via Klocki

2 comments on “Upcoming 8259 Mini Dozer + animated instructions

  1. Tim David

    That animation seems simple but it must have taken a fair bit of planning to to work out the order of the part to be both buildable and clear from the single veiwpoint

  2. Alexandre Campos

    Wow, I never thought the fact that I put the construction steps in an animated GIF would cause so much amazement! First I’m told Klocki mentioned the animation, now TBB…

    Actually, Tim, making the actual LDraw file, before sorting out its parts into construction steps, was the biggest work (so much that people pointed out errors with it twice). Re-arranging the parts into construction steps was a long session of drag-and-dropping, but, apart from making sure parts were only added in front of others, wasn’t much difficult or required much planning.

    What amazes me the most is all the aura this little set has generated: two people already independently reverse-engineered the 8259 before me, one of them even with motorisation! Their creations can be seen at TechnicBRICKs.
    I don’t think any other set got such enthusiasm, I’m not sure why.

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